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Vibrating-Screen Separating Machines SS-V Series > Item # SS-24R

Screen Separator Model SS-24R

Basic Model

Simple to operate, economical, efficient and automatic. The versatile SS-24R, with optional casters and handles adds portability to its list of features. A chute located directly under the screen deck directs material into a collection bin (optional). As applications vary the moving frame stroke can be adjusted to maximize separation. The 24" X 24" screen, either batch or continuous drop off, is easily changed. Simply lift one screen off and set the new screen in place.


The SS-24R has two style screens available, Batch and Continuous drop off. The standard screen insert is galvanized steel wire in with opening from 3/32" to 1-1/2". Non-standard sizes, stainless steel, perforated and rod screens are available on special order.


The SS-24R is driven by a 1/4 hp, 110-volt AC motor generating 325 reciprocations per minute. The amplitude is adjustable from 0 to 1- 1/2".

Variable Control

RAMPART Screen Separators are supplied with a handwheel speed adjustment to provide total control from aggressive separation to gentile sifting.


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